Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

So, you have decided to take the significant step of purchasing a house. It’s likely the largest purchase that you will ever make as well as your most costly investment. But this is not an easy setup. There are still a lot of property-specific laws that very few people know about. Just like employing a real estate broker to help with the purchase, you might want to consider working with a property lawyer to assist you through the real estate industry’s legal processes. 


Real estate lawyers are experts who dabble in property issues, from daily operations to conflicts between parties and lend their legal expertise to them. Despite not being needed at each transaction, a home buyer may gain from employing one to assist ensure that there are very few glitches throughout the process. Some jurisdictions even mandate home buyers to employ a property attorney. So, if you think you need one, check with your real estate agent. It’s an added cost that you need to cover. Most real estate lawyers charge for their services hourly while others ask for a flat fee depending on the transaction. 

The Role of Real Estate Attorneys  

Realize that having somebody on your side that is experienced with the real estate law can help you prevent any legal issues that may cause disruption in closing the sale and save you cash in the long run. The key role of real estate lawyers are: 

Real estate lawyers are experts who specialize in real estate matters and apply their legal abilities to help individuals involved in such. They also prepare and review important relevant documents such as purchase contracts, mortgage records, titles, and transfer certificates. In some states, the law requires home buyers to have an attorney present with them during each transaction related to real estate. 

Understanding Real Estate Law  

The real estate laws oversee the buying and selling of real estate properties, such as land, homes, buildings and any other structure attached to or included in it. It also involves all equipment or fixtures that come with the property. These laws have nothing to do with anybody’s personal properties or private possessions. These laws are only concerned with real estate properties. 

Therefore, it is a part of the legal system that guarantees the correct processes for acquiring property, as well as indicates what individuals possibly can do with the property. This law also concerns itself with deeds, zoning, titling, property taxes, and estate planning. 

Such law may differ by state. Therefore, it can be called as state law. Consequently, lawyers should hold a license to practice in a state and they must be updated on the changes or modifications affecting the transactions that may occur locally. 

To help you understand the law better, it is best that you consult with a Savannah Real Estate Attorney to help you out. With their expertise in real estate law, you can ask all your questions to them and they will be able to answer you fully and even help you with your concerns.  

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